How To Make Coconut Milk


Yields1 ServingDifficultyIntermediate
Prep Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins



Coconut Milk

As many of you might be aware that coconut milk is a great substitute for normal milk due to it’s very low or almost zero glycaemic value. Milk alone or with tea or coffee can increase the glucose levels and thus the insulin level also increases.

If the insulin in your body keeps on rising time and again then it will become difficult for you to lose weight. Also sugar surges due to milk might only aggravate your diabetic problem.

So what is the solution?

What is the best substitute for milk in tea and coffee?

Coconut milk is the best solution against milk in people planning to lose weight or people planning to reverse their diabetes. Coconut milk has almost no carbs, high in fat and fibers and other nutrients. See the nutrition chart on this page. (on mobile you might have to scroll down to see the nutritional value of coconut milk)

You can replace normal or toned milk with coconut milk. Coconut milk is the best substitute for milk in keto diet or if you are a diabetic.

Coconut milk in bullet coffee

Bullet coffee is quite popular in people on keto diet plan. Ketosis is their goal and they won’t do anything to get out of track. They need to avoid carbs at all cost. Coconut milk is used in bullet coffee.

See the full video to know how to make coconut milk

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