Cure for bloating during walking or exercise


why bloat while walking or exerciseOne of the common questions that I was recently asked was why some people feel bloated during exercise and especially during walking. What is the cure for bloating while walking or during exercise?

As a diet planner I have been getting weird types of questions from my group members. But, as they might seem to be weird they are true and the person facing that particular issue is the one who suffers the most. And if there is no reason behind it, there is no cure for it one feels disgusted.

After a lot of research and trials and errors I have come up with a real life remedy for any type of bloating.

But, before we understand the solution we should know the problem.

Why do you bloat after workout or during walk or exercise? Is it normal?

Why are gases produced?

Gases are produced during digestion. This is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to be worried about it. When there is excessive gas you feel bloated. But, some people have more bloating as compared to others.

Important reasons for bloating while walking or exercise

Week digestive system

One of the major reasons for this is a weak digestive system. If your digestion is weak you will always feel bloated. The gases gets accumulated in the intestine and they push the walls of the intestine. And because of this the nerves passing through that area gets compressed and therefore, many of us feel pain in different parts of the body during bloating.

Week gastro-intestinal walls

Another reasons is weak gastro-intestinal walls. The stronger your walls are the less you feel bloated as these walls easily contain the stress and pressure of gases. But, if you have a weaker wall then these walls easily inflate and tend to pressurize other parts around them.

Swallowing too much of air 

Gulping too much of air during exercise or walking is another major reason. In normal condition you don’t breath heavily. But, during exercise and walking you breath heavily and thus take a lot of air into your lungs. But, not all the air goes into the lungs. Some of it escape to the stomach and hence the bloating.

High blood pressure, cortisols and sugar

Another major reason from bloating during exercise and walking is high blood pressure. When you start with your exercise or walking your body requires more glucose for energy. For that the body taps the glycogene in liver and muscles and thus more glucose is made available in the blood stream. But at the same time cortisols also increase. All these factors lead to a signal for the body and the body starts retaining more fluid. Due to this fluid retention you feel bloated.

Watch what you eat to prevent bloating during walking or exercise. 

Watch what you eat before you run, walk or exercise. Many food items may cause excessive gas production during digestion. And if you have consumed any of such items you will certainly feel bloated.

High visceral fat deposition around organs can lead to bloating during walking

Shortness of breath along with bloating might also occur in high visceral fat around your organs. Obese people usually face this problem a lot.

Irritable bowel syndrome – Do you have it?

Irritable bowel syndrome is another major cause of bloating. Individual feels bloated and the urge to relieve time and again through out the day. But as this urge is accompanied with constipation the person feels helpless.

Lactose intolerance

Milk products are another major reason for the same. Many of us usually take a cup of tea or coffee in the morning as the first thing. Or during evening before we hit out at gym. But, lactose intolerance can lead to normal or excessive bloating.

Other reasons for bloating during walking and exercise with breathlessness

Anxiety, panic disorders, high blood pressure, a big waist, a gallstone or hernia might be few other reasons why you feel shortness of breath along with bloating.

What is the cure for bloating?

What can you do to prevent bloating and breathlessness during walk or normal exercise? 


The best solution is probiotics that improves the concentration of good bacteria in your guts. Another is to take enzymes that can improve digestion and prevent the formation of too much gases in the intestine and stomach.

Don’t sleep immediately after eating

After eating do not sleep or go for a nap. Rather take a very light walk (not a brisk walk) for 10-15 minutes. This will help you in getting relieved.

Herbs and natural medicines

Then there are many herbs and Ayurvedic medicines that are available in the market that can be used, but with caution.

Low carbohydrate diet might help

Some people feel relieved as soon as they reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake. You can try many low carbohydrate recipes if you experience such thing.

Best kitchen remedy for bloating during walk or exercise

There is a simple solution available in your kitchen to prevent bloating during walking or exercise.

This is what I have found. You can also try and keep yourselves bloat free during and after walking and exercise.

Take a pinch of Carmon seeds or ajwain seeds along with a pinch of black salt (preferably powdered). Mix them in a spoon and chew the recipe properly. Remember ajwain or carmon seeds are spicy and some might find the taste very strong but, believe me that itself is helping you.

Take this recipe 1/2 hr before you start with your exercise or walk and you wont feel bloated. Ajwain is a good medicinal herb used in Indian medicines for last thousands of years for gastric problems. Similarly black salt is know for its medicinal properties and especially for gastric issues.

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